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V Gallery 本期徵件主題為「I Am Artist」,喚醒您內心的藝術家!您是否偶有感覺體內的藝術魂即將噴發,蠢蠢欲動呢?enVda V Gallery 即將推出會員虛擬個人畫展,誠邀您參與藝術創作徵件,與大家分享您的私藏傑作。投稿作品由 enVda 臻選後,將呈現於此 Open Call 單元,及榮獲 enVda V Gallery 虛擬個展的展出機會。(72dpi / 2MB 以下 /.jpg 檔)


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  4. 凡繳交作品投稿者,即代表同意遵守徵件規則及同意enVda依法蒐集、處理、利用其所有個人資料。
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  7. 收件期限至 2023-01-28 23:59 為止。
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Rotating space station, low gravity and luxury hotel Rotating space station, low gravity and luxury hotel

Rotating space station, low gravity and luxury hotel

Orbital Assembly Corporation, a new construction company run by former pilot John Blincow, the first major project will be the Voyager Station

Voyager Station is a rotating space station designed to produce varying levels of artificial gravity by increasing or decreasing the rate of rotation. The station has been designed from the start to accommodate business, manufacturing, national space agencies conducting low gravity research, and space tourists who want to experience life on a large space station with the comfort of low gravity and the feel of a luxury hotel

Source: Voyager Station / Orbital Assembly



Alatorre and his team want to…
Alatorre and his team want to bring a slice of earth to space, guests might be in space, but they can still enjoy regular beds and showers.

That's not to say the hotel will ignore the novelty of being in space altogether. There will be offering some activities that highlight the fact that you're able to do things that you can't do on Earth, because of the weightlessness and the reduced gravity, you'll be able to jump higher, be able to lift things, be able to run in ways that you can't on Earth, he said.
---- 9News
The company Orbital Assembly …
The company Orbital Assembly Corporation has revealed it plans to begin construction on the Voyager Station — humanity’s first space hotel — in 2025. The celestial resort will be operational by 2027.

There will be a slew of onboard amenities, including themed restaurants, a health spa, a cinema, gyms, libraries, concert venues, Earth-viewing lounges and bars, in addition to rooms for 400 people. Necessities including crew quarters, air, water and power will also take up a portion of the space facility.
The physics involved in sleep…
The physics involved in sleeping within a space hotel is similar to spinning water in a bucket. Much in the same way one can spin a bucket in a circle, keeping the water inside of it, the space hotel would simulate gravity in a similar manner. This makes comfortable rooms and stylish bar experiences possible.
---- AD
But before the station can st…
But before the station can start spinning, its builders must establish the necessary orbital infrastructure and create smaller structures to test the concept. Blincow explained that the current plan is to build the rotating space station in stages, beginning with a small-scale prototype station, in addition to a free-flying microgravity facility, both using Voyager components.

"This will be the next industrial revolution," Blincow said.
NASA’s Perseverance rover rec…
NASA’s Perseverance rover recently drove on Mars’ surface and sent back images of ground conditions on the red Planet. But it isn’t just government organisations who are interested in the far reaches of space. Several private companies see the potential in space tourism and are working hard to make that a reality. There are even talks about a future partnership between Elon Musk’s SpaceX and the Gateway Foundation.
---- LUXUO
Rotating space station, low gravity and luxury hotel
Rotating space station, low gravity and luxury hotel
Rotating space station, low gravity and luxury hotel
Rotating space station, low gravity and luxury hotel