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V Gallery 本期徵件主題為「I Am Artist」,喚醒您內心的藝術家!您是否偶有感覺體內的藝術魂即將噴發,蠢蠢欲動呢?enVda V Gallery 即將推出會員虛擬個人畫展,誠邀您參與藝術創作徵件,與大家分享您的私藏傑作。投稿作品由 enVda 臻選後,將呈現於此 Open Call 單元,及榮獲 enVda V Gallery 虛擬個展的展出機會。(72dpi / 2MB 以下 /.jpg 檔)


  1. enVda 將精選投稿作品後,呈現於 V Gallery 頁面及enVda相關平台。
  2. 徵件格式限靜態影像,檔案大小與尺寸格式為 72dpi / 2MB 以下之 jpg檔。
  3. 投稿者不可使用侵犯第三方權益(著作權、商標權、肖像權等)的作品投稿,作品如有抄襲、重製、冒名頂替、臨摹、或有任何著作權之糾紛則由投稿者自行負責。
  4. 凡繳交作品投稿者,即代表同意遵守徵件規則及同意enVda依法蒐集、處理、利用其所有個人資料。
  5. 凡繳交作品投稿者,即代表同意將作品之著作財產權授權 enVda不限期使用,國內外各地域均適用,且得對作品進行重製、散布及於現今或未來之任何媒體上製作非販售品衍生物(包含對創作者姓名之註記),均不另付酬。
  6. 以上如有未盡事宜,enVda 保留解釋、修改及補充本活動規則、聲明之權利
  7. 收件期限至 2023-01-28 23:59 為止。
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Hydrow, experience outdoors reality at home Hydrow, experience outdoors reality at home

Hydrow, experience outdoors reality at home

We completely re-engineered the rowing machine with patented technology, making each stroke feel like you’re out on the water. Then, we built an immersive experience around it. Hydrow’s brilliant 22” touchscreen display and impressive front-facing speakers bring the river to your living room, the patented drag mechanism is electromagnetic and computer-controlled. Its distinctive components make it the closest thing to being on the water, captivating you from the moment you sit in its seat

Having a Hydrow in the house, means that I get to workout with my fellow athletes and hone my skill as I watch and learn from them

Source: Hydrow



It’s an imbalance Hydrow is h…
It’s an imbalance Hydrow is hoping to redress with their premium Peloton-style connected rowing machine, complete with HD screen and live coaching sessions filmed on location on some of the world’s most picturesque lakes and rivers. They’re also quick to point out that rowing engages 86% of the body’s muscles, compared to 44% for cycling, and that ‘a Hydrow workout burns more calories than any other home workout’.
---- wired
With 1,000+ classes, and live…
With 1,000+ classes, and live sessions each week, there’s plenty of scope for practice. The majority are 20 minutes long, with a smattering of shorter cool downs and warm up rows, plus longer endurance events. The company has 11 instructors, all professional rowers, ex-Olympians and athletes and by following them stroke-for-stroke you will get a great, full-body workout. Rowing across Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, or along the canals in Miami Beach, classes flew by.
---- wired
Although the costs are prohib…
Although the costs are prohibitive — a machine costs £2,295 with a £38 monthly subscription — Bruce Smith, the brand’s CEO, has overseen encouraging growth, and is confident the trend will continue beyond the pandemic. “It’s become clear throughout the past year that people do actively enjoy at-home workouts,” he explains. “Users are much more aware of what they’re getting.” It’s that new and more convenient ways of living are certainly at the forefront of everyone’s mind.
What Hydrow Rower classes are…
What Hydrow Rower classes are there?

Along with introductory sessions from fun and enthusiastic trainers - so no fear if you're a rowing newbie - the Hydrow Rower also comes complete with a library featuring thousands of different workouts. Said classes range from athlete-led HIIT classes (think: rowing at speed, slowing down, repeat), to 'journeys' (you pick how long your row will last and go at your own pace, depending on the mood you're in) and even yoga and Pilates.
That said, rowers are a great…
That said, rowers are a great full body workout, and Hydrow didn't disappoint.Compared with the loud chain rowers I used to train with back in the day, Hydrow has a significantly quieter belt and a magnetic resistance that you can adjust yourself in the settings. The main difference between Hydrow and most rowers is its display -- it has a 22-inch 1080p HD touchscreen display. Simple buttons on the right side adjust the volume, but everything else is controlled via touch.
---- CNET
Hydrow, experience outdoors reality at home
Hydrow, experience outdoors reality at home
Hydrow, experience outdoors reality at home
Hydrow, experience outdoors reality at home
Hydrow, experience outdoors reality at home