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Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot

Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot

Ai-Da, the world’s first convincing humanoid robot capable of creating artworks.

As humans increasingly merge with technology, the self-titled robotic artist, Ai-Da, leads us to ask whether artworks produced by machines can indeed be called ‘art’. Ai-Da can both draw and engage in lively discussion. Her robotic arm, developed by Salah Al Abd and Ziad Abass, enables her to hold a pencil, and her silicone face, designed by researcher Lucy Seal and digital artist Alex Kafousssias and ​3D designer Tim Milward, makes it appear as though she is ‘alive’. These features, and the movements and gestures that Ai-Da is programmed to perform, raise questions about human identity in a digital age

Visit this free temporary display and explore a series of self-portraits created through a blend of Ai-Da's brushstrokes, AI and the human hand, and her first prototype robotic arm

Source: Design Museum



Ai-Da makes her pictures by s…
Ai-Da makes her pictures by scanning an object or a person through her cameras. AI processes send messages to her robotic arm that allow her to make abstract line drawings that look like constellations. These are then taken as finished artworks or are fed through other neural networks to generate an outline for her sculptures and paintings. Each work is unique and the pathways that created it are deleted post-hoc so they can’t be replicated. Ai-Da is capable of turning around a new work every 45 minutes.
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Ai-Da’s art uses a mix of AI …
Ai-Da’s art uses a mix of AI and more traditional artist materials, like oil paint and watercolour. in the design museum, the theme of her work is self-portraits and font design. her self-portraits tackle the issue of the ‘digital doubles’ we are creating online each time we put our personal data on the internet. her font raises the problematic issue of the inability to distinguish between human and AI generated text on the internet. her signature style is developing and coming through.
Aidan Meller is the creator o…
Aidan Meller is the creator of Ai-Da, she says “I was always interested in what makes an artist’s work special, what makes it stand out. Looking at the history of art, it became apparent it was the artists who caught the zeitgeist of their times that really connected with people. Looking at our time now, with it’s rapidly changing technological landscape, I wondered if a humanoid could become an artist, and address those challenging dilemmas of our current and future lives.”
Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot
Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot
Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot
Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot
Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot