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Experience luxury in motion

Experience luxury in motion

Since 2003, we are experts in luxury motorcoach rentals, trips, and destinations, and we welcome the opportunity to design a luxury experience for your family or organization. Experience the luxury RV lifestyle without the long-term commitment. Goss RV makes it easy and convenient for you

This all-new 2021 Newmar Dutch Star is ready for your next vacation on the road! This beautiful RV is perfect for 6, has a full bath and bunk beds! This RV is great for trips, it features an outdoor television and a full kitchen. We welcome the opportunity to design a luxury experience for your family or organization. Explore America’s most scenic and historic destinations with customizable motorcoach tours

Source: Goss RV



RV dealers across the country…
RV dealers across the country are reporting high demand as people look for a way to travel and stay socially distant.

“It's kind of a world that most people are not familiar with, unless you just happen to pass one on the road on vacation. But, these things are well over $2 million in value,” Jer Goss, the CEO of luxury RV company Goss RV said. “It's a large apartment. The walls extending create a lot of extra space on the inside. It's basically a luxurious home on wheels.”
Depending on client desires, …
Depending on client desires, Goss can set up self-drive, non-packaged RV rentals, so clients can independently head out on their own to drive around the country. Those clients will receive a three- to six-hour training/familiarization session prior to departure so they are confident about all the features of the vehicle and how to safely operate it.
In addition, for those client…
In addition, for those clients who don’t want to drive themselves, through the Goss partnership advisors can offer the service of an RV driver. So, while someone else handles the driving and road stress, clients can kick back, relax, read, stream a movie, enjoy a snack or drink, converse with friends and family, take a nap or just admire the outside scenery.
With leather coaches that loo…
With leather coaches that look straight out of a West Elm showroom and granite countertops, Goss RV's coaches resemble homes more than a recreational vehicle. "We call them land yachts," Goss told Town & Country.
Meanwhile, when it comes to h…
Meanwhile, when it comes to high-end RVs, few know the market better than Goss RV, an Atlanta-based RV rental and RV vacation planning specialist. “We’re really hopeful we can introduce more people to the fact that there are these really nice vehicles and they can stay in all these amazing places, “Most people don’t realize that there are these super-high-end luxury RV resorts all across the country.” Goss said.
Experience luxury in motion
Experience luxury in motion
Experience luxury in motion
Experience luxury in motion
Experience luxury in motion
Experience luxury in motion