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Musée Yves Saint Laurent Musée Yves Saint Laurent

Musée Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent's first collection was presented on January 1962 at 30 bis Rue Spontini in Paris. He invented the modern woman’s wardrobe: the pea-jacket and trench coat in 1962, ‘le smoking’ in 1966, the safari jacket and the first pantsuit in 1967, the first garments using transparent fabrics and the first jumpsuit in 1968. By appropriating male dress codes, he offered women self-assurance, audacity and power while preserving their femininity. In his sublime evening dresses one sees references to painting, literature, the theatre and street fashion. The two museums bearing his name reveal he was indeed a great artist of his generation

The musée YVES SAINT LAURENT marrakech occupies a new 4,000 m² building. It includes a 400m² permanent exhibition space devoted to the work of Yves Saint Laurent and designed by Christophe Martin. The museum includes a hall for exhibitions, a research library with over 5,000 volumes, a 140-seat auditorium, bookshop and terrace café

Source: Musée Yves Saint Laurent



Dedicated to the work of the …
Dedicated to the work of the legendary French fashion designer, the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech (mYSLm) opened its doors in autumn 2017. It houses an important selection from the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent’s impressive collection, which comprises 5,000 items of clothing, 15,000 haute couture accessories as well as tens of thousands of sketches and assorted objects.
The building has been designe…
The building has been designed by the French architecture firm Studio KO, founded by architects Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier. Situated on Rue Yves Saint Laurent, adjacent to the famous Jardin Majorelle, the new building spans over 4,000 m2 and is more than just a museum. It features a 400 m2 permanent exhibition space, showcasing Yves Saint Laurent’s work within an original scenography designed by Christophe Martin.
The 50 models exhibited on ma…
The 50 models exhibited on mannequins are displayed in thematic groups that serve to illustrate the most important subjects of Saint Laurent's creative oeuvre. Textures, embroideries, flounces, and the draped textile plies of the robes are crisply and three-dimensionally enhanced thanks to accented lighting from the Optec contour spotlights — even those of the black gowns on black backgrounds. This method of lighting lends a sense of drama to the presentation.
The museum captures his adven…
The museum captures his adventurous career, from his first LIFE magazine cover to his last runway show in 2008. It begins in 1957, when he succeeded Christian Dior at the Maison Dior in Paris, to 1961, when he founded his own fashion house at the age of 25. “Ambition, ambition, ambition—from the beginning,” once said his longtime friend Fernando Sanchez, while Karl Lagerfeld remembered Saint Laurent, at this time, as “full of life, full of sparkle.”
The late Yves Saint Laurent’s…
The late Yves Saint Laurent’s partner, Pierre Bergé, is auctioning his world-class personal library over two years to help build spaces in Paris and Marrakech.

“At this stage of my life, my absolute priorities are the two Yves Saint Laurent museums that we are planning to open in autumn 2017,” Bergé says. “One in Paris and one in Marrakech, which I hope to live to inaugurate.”
The library sold in several s…
The library sold in several sections until 2017. The proceeds are destined for the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent in Paris, which will be responsible for the management of the two new museums. Godeau was also involved in the 2009 auction of the Saint Laurent-Bergé art collection, which some called the sale of the century: it smashed records and raised a total of around €400m.
Musée Yves Saint Laurent
Musée Yves Saint Laurent
Musée Yves Saint Laurent
Musée Yves Saint Laurent
Musée Yves Saint Laurent
Musée Yves Saint Laurent
Musée Yves Saint Laurent